Friday, March 10, 2017

Stocked Items

We are starting to feel the end of bitter, cold winter and the beginning of warm spring as we smell the faint scent of plum blossoms and daphne.  The spring season that the iconic cherry blossoms bloom beautifully and fall is usually the season for the end and the beginning in Japan:  the school year ends in March and begins in April, and generally the newly graduates start their work in Spring.  So spring makes us want to start something new, explore new places, and find new items.  Today, we wanted to share a selection of new items in stock at our store that will freshen up the table for the new season. 

 Let’s start off with pieces by Manabu Tanaka, a Fukui Prefecture artist whose items we haven’t received for a while.  

[Manabu Tanaka  Single Bud Vase   2484 yen]

Charming single bud vases each with unique form and finish.  We adore the deep, yet subtle color palette that kind of remind us of cloudy, heavy sky of Hokuriku (North Western) region of Japan where Tanaka-san is from.  Having a single flower from the garden in a bud vase will surely dress up the table and remind you the coming of spring.   

[Manabu Tanaka   Small Pot  4860 yen]
This small pot is a new addition to our store.  It is a lovely piece that can be used as a sugar pot or a container to store some condiments like miso. 
[Manabu Tanaka   Soy Sauce Pourer  4104 yen]
Our patron customers from restaurants love these soy sauce pourers, because not only are they nice aesthetic pieces to have on the table, they are functional and do not drip on the side. 

[Manabu Tanaka   Small Plate   1296 yen]

We also received from Tanaka-san a variety of plates that you can use with soy sauce pourer. 


In addition, we also received new items from other fellow artists from Fukui Prefecture, Michihiro Domoto and Kumiko Domoto. 

 [Kumiko Domoto   Chopstick Rest   864 yen]
We were waiting so eagerly for the day to introduce this piece! This charming chopstick rest is made by creative craftsman Kumiko Domoto. The first time we received a couple dozen of these lovely items and we quickly sold out in a day. This time, we received fifty items and were astonished by how each piece was original in its carved painting and shape. Quite a remarkable hand craftsmanship and ingenuity!!  The longer ones can be used as a cutlery rest as seen in the photo. 

We also have one off items from the Mishimade series.  Each piece comes with different carved pattern, so it’s very difficult to choose just one. 

[Michihiro Domoto and Kumiko Domoto Sake Cup with “Fuku” character meaning fortune in the prospect   3780 yen
Small Lidded Container   5400 yen   Sake Pourer   4500 yen]
We were also able to restock Shiho Takada’s works from the crackle series and titanium glaze series. 

[Shiho Takada   Oval Bowl 4320 yen]
This oval shaped piece by Kyoto artist Shiho Takada goes beautifully with colorful vegetables because the muted gray cracklings accentuate the colors.  We are delighted to be able to offer again this highly sought after item at our store.

Shiho Takada’s rice bowls from the titanium glaze series.  The small one on the left is for children. 
Some people say that they are afraid to have children use expensive, delicate tableware because they fear them breaking them.  We partially agree to this, but at the same time, we believe there is some merit in having children exposed to nice tableware from early age.  By having children handle these breakable items, they can have a learning experience in which they are taught to cherish and take good care of the items.  How about giving your beloved child a special piece that an artist has taken great care in making them?  
Last but not least, we wanted to take time to introduce some blue and white porcelain pieces by a young Ishikawa Prefecture artist Mayumi Hiyama. 
[Mayumi Hiyama   Mini Plate  2300 yen]


 Hiyama-san is a young, talented ceramic artist trained in a training school in Ishikawa Prefecture for Kutani-ware, one of the two most famous porcelain styles in Japan. We just love these charming butterfly-shaped pieces that look like they are fluttering around when set on a table.

Butterfly has been historically a popular pattern in Japan. In the age of warring states, butterfly pattern was highly favored among the samurai warriors and was carved on armor and used in family crests, because they considered butterflies as a symbol for rebirth. The samurais were mesmerized by the way a butterfly transforms from a larva, to pupa, and eventually into a beautiful butterfly with wings.
These butterfly shaped mini plates will certainly be perfect for spring time table! 

[Mayumi Hiyama   Square Plate with Peony Painting   2400 yen]
Please come to the store to find items for the early spring table if you are in Tokyo.