Monday, August 29, 2016

Exhibition: Michihiro Domoto and Kumiko Domoto

We are very excited to announce that we will be having an exhibition of Michihiro Domoto and his wife Kumiko Domoto starting from September 3rd (Sat.) until October 2nd (Sun.).  They will be present at our store for opening day so please take this opportunity to meet the talented couple and to see their charming work.  

The artist couple creates pieces in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, location of one of the six oldest kilns in Japan called “Rokko-You”. 

While the couple makes traditional Echizen-yaki style high-fire unglazed pieces like the pourer and the cup as seen in the photo, they also make unique piece like the blue cup on the left inspired by Egyptian and Persian faience. The two gray cups in the middle are done in “Mishimade” style, a technique originating from Korea that carves lines with a bamboo skewer or makes dents from a stamp on a red clay, and embeds them with white clay. In the case of a joint working Domoto couple, Michihiro-san hand throws on the potter’s wheel, while Kumiko-san, handles the inlaying to create lovely “Mishimade”pieces. 

This is a “katakuchi”, a sake pourer done in “Mishimade” technique.  We just love this wonderful piece because not only is it a functional piece as a pourer because the spout does not drip on the side, it can also be used as bowl to serve some side dishes. 

In this exhibition, we will be sharing new items from the “mishimade” technique series, the high-fired unglazed series, and hand formed series inspired by earthenware from Iran and Africa.  Please do come by our store if you should find yourself in Tokyo.  A heartfelt welcome will be waiting for you!    

Michihiro Domoto (土本訓寛)
Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1978 to a family that does wood crafting as a family business. Spent two years studying Bizen-ware in a technical school in Okayama Prefecture. Following his two years throwing course at Fukui Prefecture Industrial Technology Institute, trained with an apprenticeship under an Echizen-ware style artist. Opened his studio in the Echizen town in 2001 and has been making high-fired unglazed pieces using clay from Echizen, as well as glazed pieces inspired by the Joseon Dynasty.

Kumiko Domoto (土本久美子)
Born in 1976 in Hiroshima Prefecture.  Enjoying painting since her earlier childhood, studied graphic design in Takarazuka Zoukei University.  Became interested in ceramic making and moved to Fukui Prefecture, where Echizen-yaki is made.  Graduated from Fukui Prefecture Industrial Technology Institute in 2000.  Following her marriage to Michihiro Domoto, started making ceramics in a wood-firing kiln.  Inspired by old art such as earthenware from Iran and Africa, but making modern hand formed pieces in a wood-firing kiln.    

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