Friday, January 20, 2017

Exhibitions and Events for the Year 2017

We cannot believe that the first month of this New Year is almost over!  
We will continue to strive this year to introduce you many wonderful ceramics by artists in Japan. 

Please look forward to the following exhibitions and events we will be hosting at our store this year. 

April:  Vessels for Tea Time
June:  Momoko Otani and Kotomi Daigo Exhibition
July:  Taira Kuroki and Shiho Takada Exhibition
October:  Cups for Soba Noodles
December:  Akira Yamada and Fuminari Araga Exhibition

This year, we will be having three exciting exhibitions, and two events that will be displaying items made by various ceramic artists.  For the first event of the year, “Vessels for Tea time”, we will be offering tea cups, mugs, and tea pots for tea time (or coffee time) made by many different artists.

We hope you come visit us at our store in Shibuya.   We will be announcing the details of our events on this blog, instagram, and facebook, so please check them for updates and announcements.   

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  1. Good to know about this gallery show. I love to attend such art events. Recently been a part of an art exhibition that was arranged at one of event space NYC. New and wonderful arts were shown there.