Friday, July 21, 2017

Exhibition Featuring Works by Kuroki Taira and Shiho Takada

Our summer exhibition featuring works of the talented husband and wife duo Taira Kuroki and Shiho Takada started last weekend.  On the opening day, we were delighted to have Kuroki-san and Takada-san with us present at our store to talk about their work with our customers and fans.  Our staff had a wonderful time spending time with the lovely couple, learning about their works, and seeing new creations of this year.  We will showcase some of Kuroki-san’s works in the following photos.   

These cups are called cylindrical tea cups, but they are probably perfect for a small cup of beer.  The white glaze with smooth, matt finish and the stylish form make this work a refreshing piece just right for a hot summer day.  The sensual form seen in this work is definitely an example of Kuroki-san’s artistry.   


For the highly sought-after oribe (green) glaze series, Kuroki-san created many small items, such as plates and bowls, which are just the right size for putting snacks for sake.   

We’ve received many new items from the oribe glaze series.  This new flat plate is a beautiful piece that will definitely go well with chilled pasta and other types of noodles.  

This small pitcher with charming round form can be used as milk pitcher, but also as soy sauce and vinegar pitcher.  

We received many irresistible items from the ash glaze series and kohiki (white slip) series as well.  

The impressions we got from this year's exhibition are that the couple’s works are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also carefully crafted to be functional items that enrich our daily life.  Their works inspire us to want to eat healthy and cook delicious meals for special someone we care about in our life.    
We were only able to introduce a few items from a wonderful selection of items from the exhibition.  Please come see Kuroki-san and Takada-san’s work at our one month long exhibition and get inspired from their work!  


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