Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ceramics by Morito Tatsuruhama

We are delighted to welcome new pieces by ceramic artist Morito Tatsuruhama. It is difficult to describe Morito Tatsuruhama’s works in a single word.  However, his work is especially appealing to those who love earthy, clay texture of ceramics.  His pieces are just the right heaviness, and its form and texture are perfect for any kind of dish that you may cook.  These finely made works, smooth on all surfaces with no roughness that a sponge and a dishcloth may get caught when washed, are especially popular because they are easy to handle. 

Morito Tatsuruhama black rust glaze all-purpose cup
dimensions:  diameter 9.5cm×height 8cm 2160 yen

Morito Tatsuruhama black rust glaze plates
(7 sun-size) diameter 21cm × height 3cm 3,780 yen 
(6 sun-size) diameter 18cm × height 2.5cm 2,808 yen
(4 sun-size) diameter 12cm × height 2 cm, 1944 yen
*Though not shown in the photo, we also carry diameter 26cm plate.

Morito Tatsuruhama flat bowl
dimensions:  diameter 18cm × height 5.5cm 3,240 yen

Morito Tatsuruhama brush-mark large plate
dimensions:  diameter 25 cm × height 3 cm 5,616 yen

The cherry blossoms by the meguro river in our neighborhood are supposedly in full bloom this weekend, but it is still a bit chilly for a long hour “hanami”, literally translated, flower viewing.  If you have time, please drop by our store on your way to hanami.  

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