Friday, July 8, 2016

Flower Vases by Taira Kuroki and Shiho Takada

Taira Kuroki and Shiho Takada, husband and wife, are two talented ceramic artists based in Kyoto Prefecture.  Their elegant, beautiful works are characterized by the thinness and lightness that are carefully created by their excellent craftsmanship. 

Two vases by the couple:  The black glaze vase on the right is by Taira Kuroki and the ash crackling vase on the left is by Shiho Takada.  Though they have their own unique, artistic style, the couple’s work somehow complements each other’s ceramics when placed together side by side.  

Seasonal flower in a delicate and sculptural vase titled “Shizuku” (rain drop) by Taira Kuroki.  

Flowers can be easily placed and arranged in the “Shizuku” vase because the asymmetrical opening is narrow while the side has a bit of height that supports the stem.  Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, Taira Kuroki’s works are carefully designed to be used in daily life.  

The beauty of hydrangea in this photo is drawn out and enhanced by the vase from the crazing series by Shiho Takada.  Shiho Takada’s works have quiet grace and are distinguished by the gorgeous cracklings, which are created by painting the ceramics right out of the first fire with ink of natural charcoal.  

We are thrilled to be able to introduce the beauties of the highly acclaimed ceramic artist, Taira Kuroki and Shiho Takada’s works.  Please drop by our store to see their works in person if you are in the Shibuya area, Tokyo.  

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