Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ash Celadon and Buncheong by Kotaro Matsuura

Our one month long exhibition with Kazuhiro Kudo and Kotaro Matsuura has started from the 5th.  We were pleasantly surprised to see many customers line up at our store before opening hours.  The crimson aannamese series, the blue and white porcelain series, and overglaze painting series quickly sold out on the first day.

Today, we will be introducing Kotaro-san’s new series, celadon.  The beautiful color and texture of the “hai-seiji”, ash celadon, series were created after years of trial testing mixture of clay and fire temperature.

A charming lotus shaped tea coaster that we introduced in our instagram.  This piece can also be used as a small plate.  

It can also be used as a tea set if it is put together with a cup from the same ash celadon series.  

Ash Celadon Carved Pattern Tea coaster   2700 yen
Ash Celadon White Flower Carved Pattern Cup (Small)   2700 yen

The plate on the right is called “Mukouzuke”, one of the dishes in Japanese kaiseki used typically to serve sashimi, from Kotaro-san’s new Buncheong series. 

Buncheong is a form of traditional Korean stoneware that started in the late 14th century in the early Joseon Dynasty.  Characterized by its bluish green tone, Buncheong is generally made by covering clay body with white slip and scraping off to make decorative patterns and then covering it with a glaze.  Buncheong was exported to Japan by practitioners of the Japanese tea ceremony and became widely known as Mishima pottery. 

This “Mukozuke” is one of Kotaro-san’s favorite pieces which he specifically requested to use in our post card for this exhibition.   We are happy to say that this piece can only be bought at our store.  Though Kotaro-san describes his Mukozuke as a bit different from his usual style with quiet and simple features, we can still see Kotaro-san’s distinctive charming style. 

Buncheong Peony Pattern Diamond Shape Mukozuke   5616 yen
Ash Celadon Flower Petal Shape Mukouzuke    4860 yen

Kotaro-san has made an ash celadon version from Kotaro-san’s specialty, Japanese quince shape plate, for this exhibition.  This is a plate that can be used to serve any kind of meal, whether inspired from the East or the West. 

Ash Celadon White Flower Marked Line Quince Shaped Plate   6696 yen  

The carved pattern is just strikingly beautiful.  

One of our staff couldn’t resist having this plate!  The plate seems to match Asian food as well, so we matched it with Bánh mì, Vietnamese sandwich. 

Please come to our store to see Kotaro-san’s simple, elegant new series!! 

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