Monday, November 28, 2016

Tableware that Makes You Want to Cook a Meal

When taking a look at Kazuhiko Kudo-san’s ceramics, our minds drift away from work and start to think about what to cook for dinner: hearty stew that warms you up from your stomach, seasoned rice with seasonal vegetables, and hot pots.  We wondered why Kudo-san’s work somehow makes us associate with comfort food perfect for cold weather, and it struck us that it probably has to do with the fact that Kudo-san works in the harsh cold northern island of Hokkaido.

Take this hexagon-shape bowl, for example.  The rough, earthy texture will probably make an ordinary stew into a delectable meal.  The small plate with green glaze on the left is made by covering the clay with white slip, and then coating it with white birch glaze, and finishing up with oxidation firing.  The temperature and firing required for this green kohiki series are different from yellow kohiki series and white birch series, so only a limited number of pieces can be created.  This small plate is perfect to set off the table coordination.

Green Kohiki Flower Petal Shape Small Plate 2160 yen
Yellow Kohiki Hexagon Shape Small Bowl 3780 yen

This “meshi-wan”, rice bowl, goes well with hearty rice, such as five grain rice, brown rice, and seasoned rice.  One of the most important aspects of rice bowl is that it must be easily held in hand when eating, unlike western dishes that are not designed to be held.  The angle of the side, the height of the foot, and the heaviness of this rice bowl are carefully made, so it is very easy to hold in hand and it fits comfortably in your palm.  

White Birch Rice Bowl  3240 yen

We especially like this medium size bowl from the yellow kohiki series.  The shape and size of this piece are just right for practical use, and the tall foot is just charming. 

Yellow Kohiki Bowl  4860 yen

We would like to reintroduce the tea pot we used for the postcard for our exhibition.  This piece with beautiful clay body will make a simple routine of sipping tea a heartwarming experience.  It comes in yellow and white.  

White Birch Tea pot, Yellow Kohiki Tea Pot   both 21600 yen

Even if the weather is rainy or snowy, a warm, home cooked meal in these ceramics will make us cheerful.  Please take this opportunity to see Kudo-san’s splendid works.

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